about us

How has it all started?

Well, since missing An2s… They used to be everywhere, nowdays it’s hard to meet them. And it’s the same with steam trains.

They still make our faces smile. To get inside a steam train and feel how the pistons work, to get inside An2 and feel its power, to pilot it… these are priceless experiences.

We’re in love with traveling since a very long time. First with a finger on a map, now we are so lucky when the whole world is opened for us. Well, every journey begins with a single step, doesn’t it?

And then, as an icing on the cake, there is also sky… and all the fascinating phenomenons going on up there. Some of them are very dangerous for a pilot, but we love watching them from a safe distance!

Now, when An2s and steam trains slowly become a history, we try to save mamories of them as long as possible. We try to have them close everyday. Well, it’s not so easy to find them nowdays. And here… you have them at your fingertips 🙂